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Bridging Change aims to create a more equal and diverse society with positive outcomes for Black Asian and minoritised ethnic people.  We do this through the building of strong alliances, connections and networks.

About Bridging Change

Bridging Change is an independent organisation with the intention of building strong, dynamic and successful Black, Asian and minoritised ethnic groups, communities, organisations, businesses and individuals that are empowered to flourish, free from inequality and discrimination. 

Bridging Change was established by Nora Mzaoui and Dr Anusree Biswas Sasidharan who met as fellow elected Community Works Reps, representing Black, Asian and minoritised ethnic communities in Brighton and Hove.  They realised that there was a gap in support and representation of minoritised communities within the community, voluntary and public sector.   Bridging Change want to fill that gap.  They were driven by the belief that Black, Asian and  minoritised ethnic organisations, groups, communities and individuals were strongest when they worked together to challenge systemic barriers.  Bridging Change want to see a society where all individuals and communities have equal opportunities and feel valued and a sense of belonging in their locality.

Meet The Team

Our Supporters

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